Josh McCown Is Going To Lose His Job To Sam Darnold, Might Also Lose His Daughter To Him

As you all know, the Jets got their quarterback of future last night when Sam Darnold fell into their lap at the #3 slot. The last couple of years, Josh McCown has held the prestigious title as the Jets QB1 and hasn’t been terrible, but that will be changing relatively quickly.
McCown is one of the oldest guys in the league at 38 and Darnold is coming in as one of the youngest, sitting at a spry 20. After the Jets made the call and Darnold walked across the stage, McCown got quick text from his daughter, who unintentionally bodybagged him that may have him reconsidering not retiring after the season.

Less than a year older, huh? It’s looking like the starting QB job isn’t the only thing McCown has to worry about losing. The Cali bro with the fiery red flow is coming to town and all daughters better put on alert. Next thing you know he’s throwing TD’s while you’re holding a clipboard before taking your daughter out for a nice evening on the town afterward.
Reminds me of the old Mark Sanchez-Mark Brunell story. It’s basically the same situation. Jets drafted Sanchez while old ass Brunell was a placeholder. Sanchez rolls in there and Brunell put his daughter on lockdown immediately.

“I’ve got a daughter that’s only five years younger than him, so that’s really weird,” Brunell said, his arms folded and legs crossed in that “don’t mess with me” way of dads and probation officers. (Not that 17 is illegal.) “No, that won’t happen. He’s not meeting my daughter. She already thinks he’s cute. She saw a picture of him, but that’s not happening at all. I like the kid, but I don’t like him that much.”

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