Jerry Jones Hopes Roger Goodell Gets a Positive Reception at the NFL Draft

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If there’s one thing you can count on at the NFL Draft, it’s fans booing the living hell out of commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s a football tradition like no other, and you better believe the boo birds will be out in full force Thursday at AT&T Stadium with pissed Cowboys fans ready to vent over last year’s Ezekiel Elliott suspension drama.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, however, is switching gears from his Goodell vendetta and told media he’s hoping Goodell receives a warm welcome. What’s come over ol’ Jerr after publicly beefing with the commish? Apparently he’s just happy Dallas gets to host the draft…
From The Dallas Morning News:

“I think our crowd is a … football crowd,”‘ Jones said Tuesday from the annual pre-draft news conference at The Star. “There’s a football view and there’s a Cowboy view, so that I’m not so sure you’ll see a lot of … personal preferences or personal opinions about the Commissioner.
“I would hope — because I appreciate having this draft here in Dallas, this is a neat deal, I think it’s very fitting that we got it — and so I hope we give him a very positive reception.”

“I don’t know of anybody maybe other than me that’s had more boos than Roger has,” Jones said. “I know about how that works. I do hope we can be positive in our reception. We are going to do something pretty special and he did have a final say in that.”

Way to brown-nose, Jerr, but the commish is going to get torched on draft night like he always does.

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