Eric Bledsoe, Terry Rozier Engage In Aggressive Shoving Match

Eric Bledsoe and Terry Rozier have been beefing with each other throughout their first-round series, and things finally got physical between the two during tonight’s Game 5. But those hoping to finally see a legitimate fight during a basketball game can go ahead and X out now, because what we have here is the run-of-the-mill NBA shoving match.

You know the drill by now: the players exchange love taps, the crowd gets fired up, teammates rush in and ultimately nothing happens beyond aggressive jawing and “hold-me-back” type behavior. No doubt these guys would get crushed by the bruisers of the old days.

Penalties for that minor scuffle were a flagrant foul for Bledsoe and technical foul for Rozier. The Boston guard would proceed to hit a three pointer and taunt the Bucks bench:

Looks like Bledsoe figured out who Rozier is:

"Terry Rozier…"

— Michael Lee (@MrMichaelLee) April 18, 2018