Josh Allen Had A Relaxing Weekend With Girlfriend Brittany Williams

Josh Allen to Buffalo at 6? That’s what Peter King dropped in his Monday column. Josh Allen throwing in lake effect snow. Big arm. Doesn’t need to be accurate in that weather. F-it, go long. Welcome to Draft Week when you can’t believe 5% of what’s being thrown around because NFL bloggers and writers need to have their tweets out there being circulated to keep them relevant around the league.
That brings me to how Josh Allen handled the Draft hysteria on his final weekend of being a broke, just out of college 21-year-old with a big arm. He was at some golf course with his girlfriend Brittany Williams wearing his Masters hat that he got a couple weeks ago. (Pretty sure this is a fault you can add to your draft boards. Can’t be wearing a Masters hat to a golf course that isn’t Augusta National. This is a concert-shirt-like foul.)
I’m not an expert in body language, but it seems like Josh Allen is quite relaxed and clearly cool under pressure, which makes me think Peter is right about Allen to Buffalo where they’ll erect a statue if he can beat a 40+ year old Tom Brady a couple times before he retires at 45.
This guy is clearly not fiery enough to go into Cleveland and withstand that nonsense. That’s more of a Baker Mayfield situation, as my Cleveland bartender source has now confirmed.

brittany morgan williams/IG

Where is Josh Allen going? How about to Buffalo to learn from AJ McCarron:

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