Fan Storms the Field During Cubs-Rockies Game, Gets Crushed By 3 Security Guards

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Coors Field security was tested on Sunday when a fan in jorts and Nike cleats decided to run onto the field during the Cubs-Rockies game. The above photo would indicate the fan had his way out there, but his run came to a crushing end with security executing a three-way gang tackle:

So this guy had like two minutes of fame for his actions, but was it worth being whisked away to Rockies jail? Probably not! The details on Coors Field “holding rooms” (via Westword):

The folks at Coors Field prefer to use the term “holding rooms” rather than “jail cells” to describe the enclosures to which stadium security personnel takes fans who may have edged over the line of acceptable rowdiness. But they’re definitely not places where anyone would like to hang out, especially during a game. The spaces are small and narrow, with the main decor being a metal bench. And while there are no locks on the doors, people placed in the rooms aren’t going anywhere, as they’re routinely handcuffed to a bar until Denver police can arrive and spirit them off to real jail. Anyone who spends time there will definitely think twice about returning.

There you go. Don’t be an idiot at Coors field unless you end up in an actual jail.

16 runs scored and fan storming the field… fans got their money’s worth:

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