Bill Cowher, Dick Vitale, Mike Smith & Kirk Herbstreit Seemed To Have Fun At Chesney Concert

I’ve gone through the pics Dickie V uploaded this weekend from Kenny Chesney’s concert in Tampa and the only thing of value that I can come up with is that Kirk Herbstreit seems to be the only guy who can get away with not wearing the VIP lanyard for the backstage party. And Herbie’s offseason tan is in rare form. ESPN makeup artists will need to tame down Frosted Tips this week at the NFL Draft.
And Herbie wears trendy white dad shoes. Of course those aren’t Dad Balances. Those are the whitest white guy shoes that are worn by guys in their 40s who still have style and haven’t graduated to the full blown Dad Balances.
One other thing…Cowher’s rocked, right? Not in a falling down, sloppy kinda way, but in a way that 60 year olds get rocked on a Saturday and keep the buzz going well into the night where things turn to karaoke and late-night shots. I’m beginning to think I really want to go drinkin’ with Bill.
As for Mike Smith, he’s sitting on that f-you money from the Falcons and living it up as the Buccaneers defensive coordinator, not exactly the most stressful job out there.
via DickieV/IG

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