This Guy Blew Through 37 Fake $20s At A Single-A Dayton Baseball Game On Concessions & Souvenirs

via WHIO
Ken Stopkotte was a big spender at a Dayton Dragons Single-A baseball game last week. The big problem: the 37 $20 bills he used were fake and the guy had even more fakes that he hid inside the stadium. Ken, 52, seems like he just can’t give up the thieving, fake money game. You’d think he’d be smarter than this after getting out of federal prison (ripped off Tennessee churches to fuel cocaine addiction).
Nope, there he was catching some Dayton (Reds) minor league action and spending like a drunken sailor. He threw out $740 in fake $20s and who knows how much he laundered that night. The feds didn’t even provide those details.
From WHIO:

Stopkotte, 52, an Indiana man on federal probation for stealing $180,000 of donations to Tennessee churches, recently got out of prison after serving more than three years.
A new criminal complaint was filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court against Stopkotte.
Stopkotte had his initial appearance in federal court Friday and had a detention hearing scheduled for Monday. Counts of uttering and dealing in counterfeit obligations or securities each carry maximum sentences of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.
The complaint alleges Stopkotte used 37 counterfeit $20 bills during Wednesday’s game — a 4-1 win over South Bend — at stadium concession stands and with vendors.

Ken eventually came clean about his night at the park, telling the feds that he purchased 200 fake $20 bills online in early March. The suspect said he passed 15-20 counterfeit bills at a hockey game in Phoenix and hid some more in his Unionville, Ind., residence, according to the court records.
Reds stud prospect Hunter Greene was on the mound Wednesday when Ken dropped all those fake $20s. Ken admitted, according to court documents, to being in Dayton to see Greene pitch. The 18-year-old first rounder went 2 1/3 and struck out three.
A quick check of Ken’s Facebook reveals that this guy is a huge sports fan and has been very active talking sports…until he was caught passing the fake $20s.
BTW, Ken seems to be a loyal Clay Travis fan. I counted at least Facebook 5-6 post shares over the last six months.

More of Ken talking money and sports:

Ken is a STICK TO SPORTS kinda guy:

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