Report: A-Rod's Nephew Abducted, Held For Random Over Lambo Deal

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Did you know Alex Rodriguez has a 29-year-old cousin named Norberto Susini toiling away in the minor leagues? No? Well you do now because poor Norberto is in the news for allegedly getting kidnapped and held for random in a botched Lamborghini deal.
The details from the New York Post:

The retired slugger’s nephew, Norberto Susini, 29, plays minor-league ball, but his side hustle is slinging high-priced cars.
He met up with prospective buyers Lamin Vucetovic, 33, and Anthony Gilkes, 30, in Times Square on Wednesday evening and they drove him to the Marriott Marquis, but once they got there, Vucetovic tried to pump the brakes on the deal, sources say.
He demanded Susini return a $30,000 deposit he put down on the $600,000 ride, and then Vucetovic and Gilkes allegedly held Susini against his will inside the hotel room, according to sources.
The pair called Susini’s business partners and demanded a ransom, but the partners called cops instead, police sources said.

Whether Susini actually has a “side hustle” moving luxury cars is up for debate. NBC New York reports he “just happened to be with a friend” who sells cars and was caught in the middle. The two kidnappers ended up being arrested by police.
Susini, a catcher, played on a Triple-A team called Generales de Durango in 2017 and hit four home runs and had 19 RBI in 31 games.

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