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The guy in Vegas who shot up a Venetian picnic was a dealer

Of course you remember this story. Guy goes to a park to stalk a couple of Venetian employees and shoots them at point blank range. From the Las Vegas Sun:

Wrobel, described as disgruntled employee, drove to the park as the picnic was winding down and asked other employees where the executives were sitting, Plummer said. He found them at a gazebo area and without warning pulled a gun and shot the victims at point-blank range before fleeing, Plummer said. Both victims were taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Upon searching Wrobel’s property, investigators discovered there was some planning involved in the shooting, Plummer said without further explanation, citing the ongoing investigation.
As for a possible motive, Plummer said, the suspect was a “disgruntled employee, a prime case of workplace violence where somebody was not happy with his condition and he resorted in violence to deal with an issue he was personally having.”

Car was found at the airport, but they clearly don’t think he flew anywhere because the cops would’ve checked the flight logs. He probably Uber’d out of there and is holed up at some dive hotel north of Vegas. Just my hunch.

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