Meet Kylie Fears – The Oklahoma Cheerleader Who Took A Football Off The Face

Sophomore quarterback Austin Kendall said sorry to Oklahoma Sooners cheerleader Kylie Fears after drilling her in the face Saturday during the Sooners spring game. His bad. According to the OUDailyKendall’s pass flew to the sideline and hit the cheerleader in the face. She later tweeted that she was alive and well. He commented his apology on her Instagram post from the game, saying he hoped she felt better. She replied that he had an “amazing throw.”

Kylie’s now getting her 15 minutes of fame via SportsCenter and the Internet. The good news here is that Kylie will be around in the fall and this story can be brought back during Sooners games. Content for days and weeks.

Thanks to Austin and Kylie for making it possible.

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