Brett Favre Reportedly Bombed His ‘Monday Night Football’ Audition

You’re not going to believe this, but apparently experience as a Wrangler and Copper Fit spokesman did not serve Brett Favre well in his quest to be ESPN’s next “Monday Night Football” color commentator.

According to the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand, The Worldwide Leader brought in the ol’ gunslinger to audition for Jon Gruden’s vacated position, and was “not great:”

Favre recently came in for one of the auditions, according to sources. Though it was unclear if Favre would even want the job, sources said he was not great during the tryout and has been told he is no longer under consideration. Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, did not return a call. ESPN declined comment.

Favre likely would have been able to demand the same type of salary as Jon Gruden. ESPN was prepared to offer Manning the same $6.5 million salary as Gruden with possibly even a little room for negotiation, according to sources.

Who’s next in line after getting declined by Peyton and witnessing Favre bomb? Marchand notes Rex Ryan and Booger McFarland have auditions coming up, while current NFLers like Jason Witten and Greg Olsen have already tried out.

We can all agree here: anyone but Rex.

Update: Favre says he had a “good meeting” with ESPN execs but isn’t sure if he wants to pursue broadcasting at the moment.

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