Donovan Mitchell Dons 'Rookie' Hoodie, Still Won't Win ROY

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Donovan Mitchell and his stans can complain about Ben Simmons not being a “true” rookie all they want, he’s not going to win that award. There’s precedent for this type of thing that we saw in 2011 when Blake Griffin beat out John Wall for ROY despite sitting out his first season with a knee injury. Should we re-vote Griffin’s award if we’re playing that card in 2018 for the Simmons-Mitchell debate? Hell no.
That being said, Donovan played to his fanbase Tuesday night by rocking a black hoodie that has the definition to “rookie” plastered on it. Clearly he’s bothered that Ben Simmons doesn’t even acknowledge his existence.
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Petty stuff, but if I work for the Jazz I’m making sure thousands of these get made to sell to fans. Primo sales opportunity right here.

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