Best Of Wrestlemania 34 Fans

I went to a Wrestlemania 34 gathering last night not really knowing what I was getting myself into considering the fact that I’ve never been to a Wrestlemania party and I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown like those who subscribe to the WWE Network. That said, I found a Wrestlemania party to be a pleasant atmosphere where there are prop sheets with lines like: how many violinists will be playing during Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance. There were like 16 playing.
The thing I found the most amazing about going to a Wrestlemania party was, contrary to an actual sporting event where opposing teams want to kill each other, wrestling fans are extremely relaxed and love the entertainment value. They seem to love the soap opera that carries them from one Wrestlemania to the next. It was so different from normal sports parties I go to.

Wrestlemania observations:

• Long night…think I’m going to need these events to end at like 11 ET
• I get the value of the entrances, but does Nakamura really need to take so long to get into the ring? We could speed that up a little bit
• Where are the cage matches?
• Where at the celebrities? Mario Lopez and Dana White (fraud) don’t count
• Thought for sure someone was getting thrown through the stretcher that came out for Daniel Bryan
• WWE medics have a very similar white guy look going on
• Love the signs; WWE fans never disappoint with the Gameday signs; Best one I saw was “Triple H hates water”
• Rousey was way better than I thought she would be
• Triple H didn’t need to flex pop the tits like he did last night before the match
• Jonathan Coachman was back where he belongs and not at ESPN
• I need more foreign object interference

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For the Degenerates: WrestleMania 34 Betting Odds