Patrick Reed Will Not Be Wearing Red On Sunday At The Masters

I didn’t know about Patrick Reed’s Sunday red tribute to Tiger Woods until about a month ago when they both were making runs in the final round of the Valspar while both rocking the red and black outfit. You had a whole group of people losing their minds on Twitter at the fact that somebody could break out Sunday red when Tiger is right there in the mix. Then you had an entire other group of golf hard asses who were quick to remind them that Patrick Reed has done it for years, as a tribute to Tiger.
I don’t hate the move. I think it’s kind of a cool way to pay homage to a guy who clearly shaped an entire generation of young golfers coming up. So now that we’re sitting here on Sunday morning before the final round of the Masters with Reed at the top, looking at 2016 Ryder Cup rematch with Rory, people are wondering if he’ll be busting out the red and black once again.
Annnnnnd it looks like he won’t be, thanks to Nike, who is apparently requiring all of their golfers to wear pink to match the azaleas today. Cute!
Sporting News:

The five-time PGA Tour winner has worn red in every single one of his wins. However, he will not wear red Sunday. Why? Because Nike told him what color to wear.
“All the players will either be in dark blue or gray, grayish black today and yesterday and then all of us will be in the same color tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday,” he told Golf Channel Friday.
Reed, and all other Nike golfers, will wear pink Sunday.

Of course, Tiger will wear red because he’s Tiger goddamn Woods and he will always wear red on Sunday. You think Nike is going to to try and tell him to wear this same pink shirt every other Nike golfer is wearing today? No chance.
I actually thought it would be cool to see Reed rock the red today, but now you have to consider how it affects his game. All of his tour wins he’s rocked the red. Instead, we’ll have a couple bros in pink duking it out today. Either way, this rematch is going to be must-see TV.

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