Denver Post Runs Front Page Feature About Coors Field, Uses Giant Photo Of Citizen's Bank Park

It appears everybody is mailing it in on this Master’s weekend Friday. The managing editor of the “Life & Culture” section of the Denver Post sure is. He’s clearly been thinking about sitting on the couch this weekend, maybe mixing in a nap or two to Jim Nantz’s soothing voice. No chance did he think somebody could mess up a feature about Coors Field, at a Denver newspaper, with a photo of a stadium on the other side of the country.
It can’t get much worse than having a massive headline in all-caps reading “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO COORS FIELD” followed by a giant picture of Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly. People wonder why newspapers are dying.

I don’t know how this mistake gets made, but normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Mistakes happen. It’s just the fact that they used a stadium of a team who has their logo right there above the damn jumbotron. It’s kinda hard to miss that big-ass “Phillies” out in left field.
I’ll give them this though: at least the game in the photo features the Rockies.

The Phillies had some fun with it

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