Adrienn Levai Makes Her BC Dump Debut, Cam Newton Crashes & Matt Leinart Now A Real Estate Agent

Of course you’re watching the Masters today. The app is running on my iPad to my left as I type this. Incredible app. Everything the Masters touches is great. I watch the app and instantly feel better about life. I don’t need ESPN starting coverage at 3 to get me through the day. If you’re into baseball played in arctic conditions, the Indians are at home today. That’s at 4 on MLB.

Adrienn Levai told the doc to pump those things up a bit

Cam Newton collides with dump truck…looks like they’re trading insurance info on this one

Ducks buy their equipment manager a new boat for his retirement

All 13 shots of Sergio Garcia’s disaster at the Masters

Matt Leinart’s now a real estate agent

Jim McElwain takes a hit on his Florida house, but did it so family with disabled kids could move in

Florida Man turns himself into police by crashing into police substation

Here’s Karin from SDSU

UFC Stunt of the Year Video of the Day

Burger of the Day