Adrienn Levai Makes Her BC Dump Debut, Cam Newton Crashes & Matt Leinart Now A Real Estate Agent

Of course you’re watching the Masters today. The app is running on my iPad to my left as I type this. Incredible app. Everything the Masters touches is great. I watch the app and instantly feel better about life. I don’t need ESPN starting coverage at 3 to get me through the day. If you’re into baseball played in arctic conditions, the Indians are at home today. That’s at 4 on MLB.

โ€ข Adrienn Levai told the doc to pump those things up a bit

โ€ข Cam Newton collides with dump truck…looks like they’re trading insurance info on this one

โ€ข Ducks buy their equipment manager a new boat for his retirement

โ€ข All 13 shots of Sergio Garcia’s disaster at the Masters

โ€ข Matt Leinart’s now a real estate agent

โ€ข Jim McElwain takes a hit on his Florida house, but did it so family with disabled kids could move in

โ€ข Florida Man turns himself into police by crashing into police substation

โ€ข Here’s Karin from SDSU

UFC Stunt of the Year Video of the Day

Burger of the Day