Titans Superfan Gets Marcus "Mari-GOAT-a" Tattoo To Add To His Collection

This isn’t the first time Titans superfan Mitchย Firkins has made an appearance here on the site. This is a guy is already very well known in Nashville circles for his Titans tattoos. Last year, you might rememberย him showing off his back tats featuring Titans logos and a helmet at a Marcus Mariota autograph signing.

But when Mitch gets a new tat it needs to be displayed for the world to see. Last year, he also went fairly viral for his forearm tattoo predicting a 2017 AFC South championship for the Titans. This year, he went to the bicep and inked a “Mari-GOAT-a” tat along with a 2018 MVP prediction.
Mariota approves.

From a Tennessean story back in September 2017, he said he had a grand total of 33 Titans tattoos. Who knows if he added one between now and then, so this could be either #34 or even higher.
He says he gets a new one every few months, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s higher.




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