Conor McGregor And His Crew Crashed UFC 223 Media Day And Caused All Sorts of Trouble

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Looks like we can all give a damn about the UFC again, because Conor McGregor did his damn thing and wreaked havoc at the UFC 223 media day. Conor really showed the WWE what he has to offer in the future, as he (and his crew) allegedly threw chairs, a guardrail, and even injured someone in an epic backstage display.
MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani has the details on the chaos:

There’s also viral video going around of Conor hoisting up a guardrail and trying to launch it at a bus before someone comes in for the save:
After raising hell, Conor and his crew did the noble thing and got their asses to a getaway vehicle:
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What’s the reasoning for this promo? Well, Conor is likely pissed for a number of reasons… he’s going to lose his lightweight title because he hasn’t fought in forever, and his training partner, Artem Lobov, recently got into an altercation with Khabib Nurmagomedov, who happens to be fighting for said title Saturday.
Update: A warrant is allegedly out for Conor’s arrest.

Though there are conflicting reports that say otherwise:

Conor McGregor Says He's Fighting Again
Conor McGregor Says He's Fighting Again
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