Florida Woman Asks Ex-Boyfriend To Fix Leaking Bathroom Pipe…Sets Him On Fire!

via Altamonte Springs Police
Guys, let this be a lesson to be careful when an ex-girlfriend asks you over for a holiday meal. One minute you can be fixing a leaking bathroom pipe, the next minute you could be engulfed in flames via a jaded ex-girlfriend. That’s what (allegedly) went down on Easter in Orlando where a 38-year-old woman is accused of blazing her ex.
From NBC Miami:

Police say a Florida woman sprayed gasoline on her ex-boyfriend and set him on fire during an Easter Sunday dinner.

The Orlando Sentinel quotes police as saying 38-year-old Shivon Perez, of Altamonte Springs, asked her ex-boyfriend to fix a leaking bathroom pipe while he was over for dinner.

Police say the unidentified man was fixing the pipe when Perez reportedly doused him with gasoline while saying “you are going to pay.” Police say the man saw Perez spray the living room floor before locking the front door.

Before firefighters arrived, Perez dashed back into the apartment for her dog and suffered smoke inhalation. The man suffered severe burns. Both were taken to a hospital.

It gets crazier. From the Orlando Sentinel:

When he asked Perez what was inside the container, she responded, “It’s gasoline, you son of a [expletive],” according to a police report.
Perez began spraying the man with the gasoline while saying, “you are going to pay,” police said.

Woah boy!
I’m gonna need to see a deeper dive into this story. Need to know why the ex had to pay by nearly being burned to death. There’s a story to tell here. Cheater? Didn’t pay for dinner one night? Watched too much football? Guys need to have an idea of what sets a woman off like this.
I went over to Facebook to see if Shivon left any clues. Nothing there that I can see.

Happier times for Shivon:

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