Alexis Ren In The Late Dump, Brees Is Beefin’ With Jeweler & ‘Dilly Dilly’ Banned From Masters

Warriors-Thunder, anyone? Once again, the NBA knows how to schedule and get the buzz back after the Final Four concludes. And then it’s Spurs-Clippers late night. I feel like shitt so more than likely I’ll be finding a spot to sleep and not watch a damn thing. Thought I just went through the flu like 3-4 weeks ago.

Alexis Ren because it wouldn’t be a full week around here if Alexis Ren wasn’t in the Dump

Drew Brees & jeweler are beefing over $8M diamond ring & other jewelry buys

Banned at the Masters: ‘Dilly Dilly’

Sounds like Dexter Fowler’s wife is all in on hockey

Library of Congress releases Branch Rickey scouting reports…this is interesting history

• Andre Iguodala talks about how he spent money when he came into the NBA

This Florida Woman (allegedly) stole $1,700 in toys before Toys R Us closes down

Here’s Heather from FSU

Masters Week Video of the Day

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