Video: Stephanie McMahon Chokeslams Ronda Rousey Through a Table

via ESPN/Twitter
Somewhere Cris Cyborg is smiling. Probably. We assume that to be the case after her nemesis, Ronda Rousey, was owned by Stephanie McMahon on tonight’s episode of “Raw.”
WWE writers went with the ol’ in-ring press conference to hype up their mixed tag-team match between Ronda/Kurt Angle and The Authority at Wrestlemania 34. The segment featured the back-and-forth banter you would expect (e.g. Steph taking a shot at how Ronda handles Ls) before concluding with Ronda taking her first bump. As you can see below, it was a biggie as Stephanie sent the former UFC star crashing through a table to “save” Triple H.

There are so many talented female wrestlers on WWE’s roster yet it’s Stephanie who gets the first shot at Ronda… the perks of being Vince McMahon‘s daughter! That being said, she seems to be training hard for what is likely the main event Sunday:
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