20 NSFWBDs Analyze Easter Weekend

I know you weren’t expecting a NSFWBDs on Good Friday, but what do I have going on tonight besides listen to kids scream at me and watch cartoons? Can’t get drunk on Good Friday like the old days pre-kids. Just doesn’t feel right. Anyway, I thought it was a good time to check with the BDs and see how they handle the big weekend. You know, mix in church with everything else going on.
The big thing I learned is that the barbershop gets super busy on Good Friday. Had no idea, but as you’ll see above, there seems to be several complaints about the line. The other big news this year is how Easter falls on April 1 so there’s the whole April Fool’s Day and rent is due. Pure comedy for the BDs.
One thing I’m curious about, but didn’t learn much about today is whether the BDs believe in showing off their Easter haul. The white people on Facebook seem to love showing off all the garbage they get on Easter as if they didn’t get enough garbage three months ago for Christmas.
Anyway, dig in and enjoy.

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18 NSFWBDs React To Sister Jean Making It To Final Four
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