There's A 12 Out There Who Needs This Seahawks Bus — $8,000

via Craigslist
If I were a Seahawks fan the 2018 season isn’t one I’d be too excited about. The Legion of Boom has been split apart, Jimmy GQ looks legit, and the new Los Angeles Rams defensive line is probably going to murder Russell Wilson at least once — but hey, at least Earl Thomas isn’t on the Cowboys (yet)!
via Craigslist
Those are undoubtedly bleak developments, but that shouldn’t stop diehard 12s from considering this pretty nice Ford E-450 Seahawks party bus for the upcoming campaign. The seller deems it “ready to go” after investing money on mechanical work and is looking for $8,000 (OBO).
From the Craigslist ad:

Ready to go Seahawks Tailgate Bus. Mechanically sound, in great working condition. Everything works, no problems or pass along issues to fix. Spent a considerable amount on mechanical work.
– Brand new tires ALL 6
– exterior lighting replaced, working
– all belts replaced.
– 2 new batteries.
– all fluids changed
– new headlight bulbs upgraded clarity
– 6 new taillight bulbs
– most of the upper clearance lights replaced w brand new versions
– all electrical serviced & repaired, working perfectly
– Brand new front brakes ($1200)
– interior lighting upgraded
– recently services. A lot of $$ put in to it to insure it is good to go.

Why let go of this bus after dropping a bunch of money to fix it up? Who knows. Maybe the depressing early offseason has gotten to the seller. Either way this is an opportunity to prove you’re a legit 12.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.
via Craigslist
via Craigslist

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