Meet Sophia From Texas Tech

Tonight, we’re on the other side of the bracket where things are looking a lot more normal, unlike the left. I’m seeing a lot of higher seeds that will be playing tonight. The left side of the bracket is on drugs, this side went to school and got its degree. You’ll get some blue bloods tonight: Duke, Villanova, Kansas, and you can throw Syracuse in there, I guess. Mixed in there is also Texas Tech.
Nobody thought the Red Raiders would have the kind of season they did. Most assumed them as a middle of the pack team in the Big 12. Now they’re sitting here as a 3-seed, with a lockdown defense, up against Purdue who’s missing their star center. They might actually have a shot at the Final Four here. So with that said, for today’s college girl let’s meet Sophia – a true IG star that knows what she’s doing.
[IG – sophs]
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