Looks Like Canelo Alvarez is a Little Pissed GGG Called Him a Cheater

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Obviously Canelo Alvarez testing positive for performance enhancing drugs and blaming bad meat doesn’t look great for boxing. However! This tainted meat scandal might be a fortuitous promotional development for the upcoming Canelo-Gennady Golovkin rematch. The boring respect angle is done with and now we have Canelo going full heel by declaring he’s going to kick GGG’s “f—ing ass” on Instagram story:
For those out of the loop, this is a response to GGG calling Canelo a cheater… surprisingly he isn’t buying the meat excuse (via ESPN’s Dan Rafael):

“Again with Mexican meat? Come on,” Golovkin said. “I told you, it’s not Mexican meat. This is Canelo. This is his team. This is his promotion. Canelo is cheating. They’re using these drugs, and everybody is just trying to pretend it’s not happening.
“This guy, he knows. This is not his first day in boxing. He proves he gets benefits from everyone and he can get away with it. Check him on a lie detector and then we can find out everything.”

GGG took the scorched Earth approach and also took aim at “dirty” Oscar De La Hoya:

“It was pretty obvious when [Alvarez’s] muscles were all [enlarged] … and with the traces of injections, which were visible,” Golovkin said. “Before the first fight, I knew he was not clean. I can talk about Oscar De La Hoya too. He is also not clean. He’s dirty.”

May 5 you’re getting the clean KO artist in GGG vs. shady Canelo and his tainted meat. Who doesn’t want to watch that?

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