Florida Man Gets LIT AF On St. Patrick's Day, Gets Popped For DUI & Registers A .316 BAC

via Fox13
Florida Man Collin Daniel had himself a St. Patrick’s Day night that ended up leading to him registering an astronomical .316 BAC and turning in a mugshot that’s going to go viral. The report from the Hernando County Sheriff Office doesn’t give details on what time the took down Collin, but it was in the early hours of Sunday morning.
From Fox13:

Hernando County deputies say their aviation unit received a call about a gold Toyota Scion driving recklessly in the Hibiscus Springs apartment complex in Spring Hill.
Witnesses told officials deputies a man identified as 24-year-old Collin James Daniel was the driver, who was crashing into mailboxes and other vehicles in the area, according to a media release. After the collisions, Daniel parked his carĀ and approached a man who was walking his dog.
Deputies say an argument started between the two, and Daniel pushed the man. The man began loosening his grip on the leash of his German shepherd, and Daniel ran away.

How crazy is a .316 BAC? Let’s take a look at a chart from Brad21.org:
from Brad21.org
I’m going to say that Collin is conservatively in the 200 pound range. It’s looking like he’s three times the normal BAC for 10 drinks for a 200 pounder. In other words, he’s dabbling in the “death possible” range. That’s like 30 drinks! 30!!!!
For comparison, remember like 20 years ago when Oksana Baiul was LIT AF and drank all those Long Islands and crashed? She had a .168 BAC. PJ Tucker of the Suns had a .201 BAC “extreme DUI” back in 2014.
In other words, Collin was like 10X LIT AF.
Even with this huge number from Collin, it’s still not as incredible as Iowa fan Vodka Sam who went to .341 at a Hawkeyes football game. She remains the legend.

Here’s the sheriff helicopter that found Collin:

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