Savages At Pistons-Kings Game Eat Spoonfuls Of Mayonnaise…I'm Slightly Disgusted

First thought when this video of these two eating spoonfuls of mayonnaise from last night’s Pistons-Kings game: it’s a marketing department stunt and that’s a jar that has been cleaned out and filled with Cool Whip. I’ve been down this road with the NBA marketing departments before. They take a couple interns, tell them to come up with a bit and we’re left with something like this from a team that’s 23-49.
This also happened at a 2017 Belmont basketball game where a guy was pounding mayo and the stuff on that spoon sure looked like mayo to me. I’m not an expert, but that’s what it usually looks like.

But then you go on YouTube and eating jars of mayo seems to be a thing:

And it has been going on for years…look at this ancient cell video (2010):

There’s even a world record for most jars of mayonnaise eaten in one sitting. According to, it’s five jars and it’s held by a California guy who set the mark back in 2014.

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