Meet Corbyn Fulmer — Girlfriend of Clemson F Donte Grantham

It took three years but Donte Grantham broke out in a big way this season as he averaged 14.2 points and seven rebounds for the Clemson Tigers. His stats across the board shot up, specifically his field goal percentage (56 percent) and three-point shooting (42 percent), two categories which hovered around the 30s prior to his senior season.
Sadly Donte isn’t a part of Clemson’s unlikely run at the NCAA Tournament after suffering a torn ACL during a game against Notre Dame in January. Of course, he isn’t letting that stop him from cheering on his boys:

Off the court, Donte is dating fellow Clemson student Corbyn Fulmer. She is a fitness buff and her LinkedIn notes she’s an athlete with Stance Supplements as well as a personal trainer.
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Corbyn with some birthday love for Donte:

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