Big Papi Stops By To Tell Us How Pumped Up He Is For Opening Day & What He Did With All That Retirement Tour Stuff

Big Papi was on a media tour Monday for Kingsford Charcoal to get you guys ready for Opening Day which will feature all 30 teams playing on the big day for the first time in 50 years. No more split Opening Days…you’re getting 15 Opening Days on Thursday, March 29.

Couple of things about this podcast:

• Papi’s english is very good…I’m still trying to figure out how Sammy Sosa’s isn’t better
• Sounds like it’s hard to keep track of Jeter since he changes his number so often
• Kevin Millar is just as good on group chat as he is on TV
• Papi is building a house to store all of his retirement tour gifts

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