Poor Tom Brady Has Had a Busy Week Saying Farewell to Former Teammates

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It’s been a depressing early offseason for Tom Brady. He revealed on Stephen Colbert’s show that he shed tears after losing to the Nick Foles-led Eagles in Super Bowl LII, and now he can do nothing but watch as the Patriots allow key free agents to cash in with other teams.
Already the Patriots have lost mainstays in Danny Amendola (Dolphins), Malcolm Butler (Titans), Nate Solder (Giants), and Dion Lewis (Titans) — Tom has paid tribute to each one of them in the past 48 hours.
First up was Danny Amendola. Tom clearly loved him, because he dedicated a six-picture gallery to his oft-injured, but huge in the postseason, wide out. “Teammate. Friend. Brother. Leader. Champion. #80 #DannyPlayoff,” Tom captioned.
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For Butler, Solder, and Lewis, he kept it simple with “Brothers for life.”
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No need to cry for Tom. He’ll probably get by fine with his chest of Super Bowl rings and avocado ice cream. Oh, and Gronk didn’t retire so he still has his Hall of Fame tight end for at least another year.

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