Alexis Ren Has A Water Bucket Employee, Sly Stallone Kicking A Gym’s Ass & Clemson DL Is A Kindergartner Teacher

N.C. Central vs. Texas Southern and Arizona State vs. Syracuse. That’s your TruTV schedule for tonight. Or catch some NIT action where the rules are LIT AF. Do you want to get a nap? There are multiple Spring Training games on MLB Network. The boys of summer are about to pack up the bags and head north and hardly anyone I know of even cares. All I know is that March 29 is the Tigers opener and it’s going to be cold AF and the locals are going to get super drunk and fight each other. That’s how I’ll know baseball is back.

Alexis Ren’s water bucket employee has an interesting job

71-year-old Sly Stallone kicking a gym’s ass

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Kentucky basketball fans are going to love this one

Clemson DL working as kindergartner teacher during offseason

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Here’s Quinn from Syracuse

Maryland Meth Bust of the Week

Elkton, Maryland checking in tonight on the local news…wait for it (from @bills80)

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