More Of Katherine Webb Destroying Vegas, Jeremy Shockey’s Fun Dog Celebrates Birthday & Wade Boggs Hangs With Travis Tritt

Uh oh, hope you weren’t a big fan of Vegas cocktail waitresses coming to get your drink orders

From Vegas Inc.:

The days of waiting for a cocktail server to take your drink order while playing a slot machine are over at one Las Vegas casino. Now, it’s as simple as pressing a few buttons.

The more than 600 machines at the Westgate Las Vegas are equipped with the Beverage Ordering Service System that allows players to skip waiting for a cocktail server to make their rounds. Westgate is believed to be one of the first properties in Las Vegas to offer this technology.

Players press a martini glass logo drink order button on the machine touchscreen, which brings up a menu to search for the drink of their choice.

Technology is going to kill off whatever is left of the old Vegas ways. Remember the days when Heather would come get your drink order and it would turn into small talk? Yeah, that won’t happen. Now Summer will drop off your drink and move her ass on down the line like an assembly line worker. No small talk. Eventually robots will deliver the drinks. Goodbye Vegas.

Numbers from :

For the second year in a row, the ACC received more NCAA Tournament bids than any other conference.

The ACC also has 3 of the top 8 overall seeds in 1 Virginia, 2 Duke and 2 North Carolina.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) March 12, 2018

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@bustedcoverage Ryan 420 don’t give a shit.
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My main man Travis @Travistritt love you man!!!

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This was driven by a mom accompanied by her young daughter.

Never change, Zanesville. 😂

— McNeil (@Reflog_18) March 10, 2018

Yo @espn, I know times have been tough but what’d y’all do with @ESPN_ReceDavis’s shin!? #MarchMadness2018
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All fun & games till gramps realizes he put his grandson in the backyard kennel

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The Phillies got a CRAZY deal for Jake Arrieta

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@bustedcoverage Kobe walking in late to the Cavs game
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When I tried to download NCAA Tournament seeding from Twitter to Safari, this was the result. It popped up with Google open and the search was a little unique… 😂 🤣

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@espn @DickieV Tell ‘em @DickieV! P.S. Ky women love Dick(ie V).
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