Rookie Of The Year Alvin Kamara Is Out Here Pulling Jeeps With A Weight Rack On His Shoulders

It’s that time of year people. NFL players across the country are dreaming up insane workouts to post on social media to one-up each other. Everybody is coming for James Harrison’s throne, who by the way at age 40, just got back in the gym to start training for his 17th season this week.
The trend over the last couple of off-seasons has been pulling cars. NFL players LOVE to pull cars and I cant get enough of it. Strap a guy to an SUV and record it and I’m all over it. Falcons rookie Duke Riley pulled a goddamn GMC Denali down the street last year and

So when I saw rookie of the year Alvin Kamara pulling this jeep with a freaking weight rack sitting on his shoulders I couldn’t have smashed that like button quick enough. He’s literally preparing to put the team on his back and that’s what you need out of your superstar.

Just pulling cars isn’t enough these days, you have to take it up a notch if you want to make these off-season social media waves. You need to add about 200+ more pounds to your shoulders AND pull a car if you’re going to get on the level of the James Harrisons of the world.
Kamara just set the bar for all of you future rookies planning on breaking out the workout videos this summer. He also came with a great message:

Never hear y’all complaining when that check clear…. GET YA MONEY!!!!

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