Israeli Army Girl Maria Domark Is Tearing Up IG, Ben Simmons 'Boo Thang' & My Dad Ran Into This Guy In Key West

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went out with a bang 💥

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My god there are a few basketball games on today. This might be better than next Thursday. You’ll have at least four games on from noon until like 11 EST. And you’ll get Spurs-Warriors late night. I tried to stay up for the entire Cavs-Nuggets game last night and made it to the end of the 1st quarter. Then, being an old guy, I had to check the local news. There’s also day Spring Training ball to watch if you’re really bored.
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My dad is in Key West for Spring Break & came across this guy
Redskins scabs to get S.B. rings
LeBron with the dagger!
Weather guy blows forecast, isn’t taking it very well, says he’s done forecasting
Here’s Leslie from Texas

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