Salma Hayek Doing Salma Things, Tommy Lee's Son Attacks & U.S. Women's Goalie Calls Out Biebs

Notre Dame. Notre Dame. Notre Dame. Here they come…and tonight’s it’s against Virginia Tech at 7 on ESPN in the ACC. The 40-team SEC tournament gets started today. Basketball, basketball, basketball. And then you get Cavs-Nuggets at 10:30. What are the chances I stay up for the end of that one? Let’s go with ZERO.
Salma Hayek up to her old ways
Tommy Lee’s son takes a shot at dad, fattens his lip
I’m telling you, something is wrong with Tori Spelling
• Jose Mourinho kicks water bottle towards fan, immediately regrets it, thinks of pending lawsuit
U.S. women’s goalie calls out Biebs
Tom Brady sets his kids straight on winning…it doesn’t always happen, kids
This Florida Man offed his wife & then took some parting photographs
Here’s Hannah from Marshall

Slick Ric Telling The Ladies How It’s Going To Be Video of the Day

Burger of the Day

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