ARod’s Girlfriend Shows Off New Yoga Pants

Here I thought the whole J Lo-ARod thing would last like a couple months, she would get tired of using him as a social media promotional tool for her concert tour and he would get hungry for a ripped woman who is in the gym 8 hours a day. You know that’s his style. That Torrie Wilson relationship went on for years before he somehow got hooked up with the Silicone Valley suit. That one made no sense.

Anyway, ARod and Jenny are literally everywhere. Both have never seen a camera/ATM that they’re not willing to talk to. I get on IG and there’s ARod flying off to some meeting. I have no idea if anything is ever getting done at these meetings, but they play really well on social where things are really strong for these two.

That brings me to Jenny promoting — I’m sure she has a percentage of the company — yoga pants. Have I told you about how leggings are taking over Facebook Live like pearl parties dominated 2017. Now you have women across this country selling off leggings like the damn things are gold. Seriously, go on Facebook Live World Map, find a huge blinking dot in the middle of nowhere USA and I bet you some white women is slingin’ leggings for like $40 that she bought wholesale for like $5. It’s out of control.

Hell yeah that’s why Jenny is in the leggings biz. Her and ARod are cleaning up on these women wearing these things like they’re the best pants the world has ever produced. Don’t believe me that leggings are taking over the world? Go to Disney and see what those moms are wearing.

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