Robby Anderson Stays Hot This Offseason, Blasts Cris Carter in Aggressive Tweet

One would assume Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson would spend the rest of his offseason on the down low after getting arrested for speeding and telling a cop he would nut in his wife’s eye in January, but nope. Anderson, once again, is making headlines for the wrong reasons after for going in on Hall of Famer Cris Carter on Twitter.

The tweet has since been deleted, but that obviously doesn’t matter when you have a substantial following. Someone screen grabbed Robby blasting “f** n**** Cris Carter” for allegedly throwing shade at him:

What did Carter say to spark this tweet? No clue. But whatever it was it didn’t sit well with the mercurial receiver. Anderson was also arrested last May for felony resisting arrest after an altercation with security.

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