Oklahoma Tackle Orlando Brown Ran A Historically Slow 40 Yard Dash At The Combine

I don’t want to rag on an offensive lineman for running a 40-yard dash that would put him step for step with Rich Eisen, but when you’re out here running historically low times, we have to mention it. I get that a lineman’s typical range of movement on any given play is just a few feet and winning foot races doesn’t translate to winning ball games, but we talk about guy’s running insanely fast 40’s, so we’re going to talk about the hogs running hilariously slow ones too.
This is an all-timer. According to NFL Research, this is the 5th slowest time since 2003. The rest of the guys on that list all went undrafted. Remember, Orlando Brown is one of the top tackle prospects in this year’s class.

And it doesn’t just end with the 40. His combine all-around has been BRUTAL. Remember how everyone lost their minds at that freak Saquon Barkley tossing up 29 reps on the bench yesterday? Well, our buddy Orlando only threw up 14. An offensive linemen. Who’s about 100 pounds heavier than Barkley.

Luckily, he’s a massive a human and all of this won’t matter when it comes down to it. He’ll still be one of the top tackles taken. This is just a little Friday pick-me-up to make you feel little more athletic.

Rich Eisen’s time last year? 6.02

But he did break 6 seconds twice in 2014 and 2016.

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