A Bottle Of Vernors Exploded On Me During The Friday Show…But The Stomach Flu Has Been Defeated

Here I was trying to calm my stomach flu down one more time this week and the Vernors had to explode all over me, the MacBook Pro, a little bit on AC Bellino and my mouse. All I was trying to do was get up early, do the Friday Show, get a solid two hours of TV time out of the way and get back home and close to a toilet.

The Vernors explodes like a minute into the video so you don’t have to wait long to see the fun part. The rest of the video you can ignore. I know how you guys handle Fridays.

If you want to hear AC’s relationship advice, that gets rolling at about the 1:00:00 mark. That’s where AC explains how he treats a woman at dinner. Are you having trouble with the ladies?

Get advice from a pro, that guy in the MJ jumpsuit.

As for topics, we did some Combine hand measuring. It’s starting to become a tradition around here on the Friday Show. Get those palms measured like the piece of meat it is.


I don’t think the right side of the hand is supposed to be titled for the measurement, but let’s go with it…mine came in at 8″ flat…I can’t throw a football very well:

@FSMBlitz @bustedcoverage official hand measure day #biggloves https://t.co/PVUU5aDiHF
B Hands (@aceheid) March 02, 2018