Buy A Chicago Bears Bus That You And The Boys Can Trash & Then Sell For Scrap

Looking for a bus you and the boys can buy this year, then trash over 8-10 Bears games, puke in, pass out in, then scrap at the end of December because you don’t want to pay a storage fee in 2019? Well, I just might have the perfect ride for you degenerates?
Take a look at this 1999 Ford E350 for just $4,000. That price is about as stable as your marriage. It’s just waiting to get whacked in half with you taking the bus and the other guy walking away with $2k because he has no choice in the matter. You go in with $2k and don’t budge a single dollar.
I count space for about 8 guys with room to fit in a few slam pieces for the ride home after Mitch Trubisky lights up the Jets.
From the Craigslist seller:

1999 Ford E350 tailgating machine for the Chicago Bears runs and drives very well has a hundred twenty thousand miles on engine new tires new brakes new rear end too much to list two TVs inverter generator cord

What more could you possibly need? Just make sure this thing can make it down the highway. I’m always cautious of these Craigslist rides that look like they’ve been sitting abandoned in some lot for the last year.

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