Watch Jarrett Allen Murder Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkanen has enjoyed an impressive debut season for the Chicago Bulls, but he learned a valuable lesson Monday night: don’t get cute and try to take charges on high flyers. He learned that the hard way with fellow rookie Jarrett Allen skying over him in one of the most disrespectful dunks since DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight:


— Gabe (@AllDaySportTalk) February 27, 2018

It’s worth noting that was also a blocking foul on Markkanen, who was in the restricted zone when Allen detonated on him. We’ll refrain from further slander on the dead Finnish guy.

Jarrett Allen making Lauri Markinenn look like Hugh Laurie

— The Glue Guys (@BKGlueGuys) February 27, 2018