Russell Wilson Is Heading To Yankees Spring Training…Challenges Judge And Stanton To A HR Derby

Did you get through that video? If you had to turn it off halfway through because of second-hand embarrassment, I don’t blame you. I too cringed at Russell Wilson looking like a cliche Yankees fan from Fever Pitch talking about throwing passes with Aaron Judge. Maybe mix in a second take, Russ.
Anyways, to recap, Russell Wilson is heading to Yankees spring training and we officially have a battle for NYC between two football players trying their best at baseball. Tebow vs. Wilson, a couple of God-fearing men looking to take over New York. The only problem is Russell isn’t all-in and clearly has the NFL as his #1 priority, while Tebow has dove head first into this baseball thing.
So basically he’s just in the organization so he can show up once a year to spring training and then go on his merry way. 

“Playing two sports has always been a dream. But at this point in my life, playing quarterback in the NFL is a job I love and a responsibility I work on and take seriously every single day. My main goal is to win multiple Super Bowls coming up, to keep winning games and do my job at the highest level I can. But at the same time, I can also embrace the journey that baseball has taken me on and be around championship players like the Yankees.”

Meanwhile, Tebow is cranking tanks to the maintenance shed in Port St. Lucie. At some point we need Russell Wilson to take baseball seriously and actually give the two-sport thing a shot. Could you imagine a Subway Series with these two guys in the lineups?
He’ll only be there for a week so we won’t see a Tebow-Wilson Spring Training matchup. The Yankees and Mets don’t play each other until the following week on March 7th.

AS far as the Stanton-Judge-Wilson HR derby is concerned: I’d watch.

Good luck to Russ and the rest of the underdogs

Tim Tebow Was Launching Bombs at a Maintenance Shed During Batting Practice
Tim Tebow Was Launching Bombs at a Maintenance Shed During Batting Practice
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