Will This North Korean Be Murdered For Falling During Speed Skating Race Or Saved Because He Tried To Trip Japanese Guy?

I keep going back and forth on this one. Kwang Bom Jong is either going to be murdered when he goes back to North Korea or he’ll have his life spared, but sentenced to solitary confinement for 20 years after his performance this week during a speed skating race.
That’s Bom Jong falling and trying to trip the Japanese racer in what appears to be a desperate moment where it’s life or death.
From Yahoo:

On the first start, he fell almost immediately after coming off the line. As he landed, he reached out his hand in a way that looked to some in the crowd like he was trying to trip Japan’s Ryosuke Sakazume.

Jong, flanked by a handler, did not stop to speak with reporters after the race. He was only entered in this one event and thus his Olympics were, while eventful, quickly over.

Sakazume said that he wasn’t exactly sure what happened and thus didn’t think Jong tried to trip him on purpose, as some in the crowd believed. Short-track speed skating, particularly the 500-meter race, is rife with collisions, disqualifications and general mayhem.

“I believe it was unintentional,” Japan’s Ryosuke Sakazume said. “His hand happened to be by my skate as he fell down.”

You think Jong-un is going to be happy that he paid for a loser to go and embarrass the Supreme Leader like this? Think I’m kidding about being treated like garbage when Jong gets home? Never forget how the North Koreans treated its 1966 World Cup team. They were reportedly sent to a concentration camp.

There are also stories of athletes who “disappointed” the leader would likely be punished with a downgrade in housing, reduced rations and even “being sent to the coal mines”.

Good luck, bro:

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