Liz Swaney On Today Show: "I Always Try To Give My Best & I Actually Did Three Tricks"

In an explosive (kidding, Liz doesn’t get too high or too low) interview this morning on ‘Today’, our favorite freestyle halfpipe skier at the Olympics, Liz Swaney, defended her performances during qualifying on Monday, saying she “actually did three tricks.” The American skiing for Team Hungary after figuring out a creative way to make the Olympics by not falling at World Cup events, is still intriguing me with how she doesn’t come off as someone who is seeking to become an Internet star.
I know, you’re thinking I’m nuts. So she did the Today Show. She still hasn’t mentioned a thing about her new notoriety over on Twitter. Nothing. On IG, she’s been praising fellow competitors and did a tour of Seoul on IG Story. She didn’t RT the Today Show appearance. Isn’t selling t-shirts. Isn’t publicly asking to be on Fallon.
She told Today:

“I always try to give my best in the halfpipe,” she said. “I actually did three tricks on my second run, two on the left wall, one on the right wall and a 360 at the end.”
Swaney said her basic run down the halfpipe was not intentional, even though it was a big reason she qualified for the field. Her ability to simply stay upright during World Cup events allowed her to accumulate the necessary points to qualify for Pyeongchang. She was able to compete for Hungary because her grandparents are from there.
“I never had a plan to do the run I did,” she said. “I wanted to do more than that, so it wasn’t a strategy. I always try to give my all.”

I’m convinced the Russians created Liz, had her infiltrate the U.S., figured out a way to plant her on Team Hungary and she’s really collecting data on all of us. Has to be.

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