Travis Wood Injured a Finger in a Crossbow Accident, And Yeah, It's Disgusting

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Nothing says spring training like a weird baseball injury, and we’ve got that from Tigers camp where Travis Wood is sporting a pin in his right index finger after a crossbow accident over the offseason.
Warning: This is pretty nasty.

So how exactly did happen to Wood? According to MLive, things went very wrong as he tried to insert an arrow into his crossbow while preparing for a deer hunting trip:

“When I went to put the arrow in, it just went off when it wasn’t supposed to. The string went through the finger,” Wood said. “It was broken in two places and almost went all the way through.”
Although Wood can laugh about it now, he said the pain was excruciating. “I don’t wish it on anybody.”
With the finger hanging precariously, Wood asked in all seriousness if it might mean a quicker recovery time to amputate the tip of the finger. The doctor said it wasn’t necessary.
“I got to keep all of it,” he said. “They had to go in and stitch it all the way out.”

The good news is obvious: Wood is a lefty so he doesn’t really need his right index finger, though it’s good hear amputation wasn’t necessary.
The lefty signed just a minor league deal this offseason after struggling with the Royals and Padres in 2017. He logged a career-worst 6.85 ERA in over 94 innings pitched a season removed from a World Series run with the Cubs.

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