Arizona Basketball Cheerleader Got Tossed For Heckling Arizona State Players Too Much

Soooooooft. Do rivalry games not mean anything anymore? This is college basketball late in the regular season just a couple weeks before we get into conference tournaments and March Madness. These games mean something. Arizona is preparing to avoid disappointing their fan base in the tournament again and Arizona State (a team once ranked #2 this season) is looking to surprise some folks this March.
So you can’t be tossing male cheerleaders because they got a little too rowdy. Whatever happened to passion? Apparently, all this guy was doing was calling out ASU players by name via his megaphone, probably with a little sass to boot, and the ref sends him home for it. Disappointing to say the least.
Duke used to have a guy dance in a goddamn speedo when a player shot free throws, but calling people out with a megaphone is unacceptable. Got it.

This was the ref’s explanation after the game. From AZCentral:

“He was yelling, using the (megaphone) to call out people by name, which is not acceptable. And he was asked to please stop, and he chose not to,” said Randy McCaul, the referee who ejected the cheerleader.

McCaul noted that the cheerleader was not using profanity.

He didn’t even drop an F-bomb. From what I can tell, this guy must’ve have been a black belt level trash talker if he got bounced for heckling without using one curse word. Basically, he got ejected for being too good at shit talking.
Welcome to legendary status, Grant.

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