Should MLB Network Fire Preston Wilson For His Insane Top 10 Center Fielders List?

Here it is. The most ludicrous thing I (and many others) have seen this weekend comes courtesy of MLB Network “analyst” Preston Wilson, who stirred the pot on “Top 10 Right Now” by ranking Mike Trout as his third-best center fielder behind Charlie Blackmon and George Springer.

How did Preston come to this cuckoo decision to place a Rockies outfielder and Springer over a guy who would get voted into the Hall of Fame today? Here are some of his reasons:

– Games played (Fair, Trout missed some time last season with a torn thumb ligament)
– Blackmon’s RBI count (PRESTON!)
– Defensive metrics being down on Trout’s 2017

You can watch Preston try to defend his list to a baffled Brian Kenny in the video below:

To answer the question posed in this headline: No, Preston shouldn’t get canned for his terrible opinions. Drug tested? Probably. But not fired. He won’t be the last former player to get paid to dish hot takes.

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