Kelly Rohrbach Smashing Drives, Mallory Edens Checks In & An Olympic Mustache For The Ages

Here’s how Saban is dealing with losing that #1 recruiting class ranking…

…by dropping $2 million dollars into a renovated recruiting lounge. All that has to happen is the board of trustees to approve it. Think they’ll tell Saban no? From the Tuscaloosa News:

The recruiting lounge will be in 7,447-square-feet of renovated space on the first and second floors of the Mal Moore Athletic Facility. The lounge will primarily be used for football recruiting.

The work will include upgrading finishes, enhancing audio/visual systems, new lighting, and new graphics and furniture. The preliminary budget is $2 million. The project will be funded with Crimson Tide Foundation funds. Davis Architects of Birmingham will design the renovation.

Numbers from:

28.3 million viewers: US TV audience for NBC’s 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony broadcast.

28.2 million viewers: Audience on Fox for Game 7 of the 2017 World Series.

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Like Tony Romo, I'm always playing dual role of broadcaster/player.

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A real tough guy here in Minnesota tonight @bustedcoverage

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Classic Cocks fan

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What is going on at UVA w the RGIII thing? (Via @blloyd8298 and @jeffreyc88)

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True words…@CollegeGameDay

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I had to turn the car around and take a picture.

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Haha this #Eagles fans jersey wins.

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Tough name

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