Utah Fan Under Anesthesia Literally Brought To Tears After Hearing The Jazz Traded For Derrick Rose

During LeBron‘s trade deadline fire sale yesterday, where he went full Michael Corleone and got rid of anybody who was bringing the bad juju into the locker room, you might’ve missed that Derrick Rose was kind of snuck in the middle of the Utah deal that brought in George Hill and Rodney Hood. This just adding to the depressing second half career that Derrick Rose has had.
Let’s break it down: he goes from a #1 pick, to an MVP at 22 years old, to a guy with shitty knees that can’t stay healthy, to a guy who has randomly left two different teams in the middle of a season, to being a throwaway in one of LeBron’s trades. To say this man fell from grace would be the understatement of the year.
And it doesn’t end there. This video right here might be the cherry on top his sad last few years. Here’s a die-hard Jazz fan, who was under anesthesia during deadline day, finding out that Derrick Rose is potentially joining his team. Imagine thinking somebody could have this reaction in 2010.

Those are real tears. Real tears coming out of someone’s face when he heard Rose was coming to town. It’s amazing that this is where we are with him. He was the most exciting player in the league 7 years ago that gave the Heat superteam trouble in the playoffs.
Now he’s literally causing fans to weep at the thought of him. Just brutal.

Good news for this Jazz fan is that he was released basically immediately…but those anesthesia tears live on

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