Victoria Germyn Has Been Working Out, Trump’s Hair Gets Blown & Eagles Kid Loses It

NBCSN has some mixed doubles curling action on tonight at 10 p.m. It’s unclear if that is actual Olympics action or some contest that’s on tape delay. It might be prelims. Whatever the case, things are heating up on NBCSN for the Olympics, but it’s on late. It’s also Ohio State-Purdue basketball night on Big Ten Network. That’s at 8:30. In case you’ve been in a coma, that’s a big one. You’ll also get T-Wolves-Cavs at 8 on ESPN. Should be a busy night of basketball.

No clue who Victoria Germyn is…but she’s about to land some MLB player w/a big contract

Trump’s hair gets blown

Here’s SI swimsuit ROY contender Robin Holzken

Congressman loses bet, wears Eagles helmet during work

UMass-holes burn things after Patriots lose

Little kid gets to Facetime w/Wentz thanks to Torrey Smith & loses it

This Florida Woman broke into a house & took a bath

Here’s Hanah from Arizona State

Tim Tebow’s Latest Job Video of the Month

Tim Tebow is the official “bark-otologist” offering his picks for Westminster dog show

He’s either really good at PR or desperate for a check @bustedcoverage #foxnews

— SamZee (@SamZComedy) February 7, 2018

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